Registering for the research project



Thank you for taking the time to register your interest in participating in this research.
I will be in contact with you shortly with an information summary regarding the research topic.

The proposed research study aims to increase the knowledge around the experience of British-Asian men who identify as Bi-curious or Bisexual for the understanding of counselling psychology and to increase the knowledge of what issues clients could possibly come with to counselling.

Your participation in research would involve an audio-recorded interview and debrief session lasting up to an hour and a half, which would take place at University of Roehampton. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend Roehampton in order to participate, then alternative arrangements can be discussed.

Interviews will be confidential within the confines of the research project and every effort will be made to ensure your anonymity in the research and any subsequent publication or presentation. However, in the case that disclosure of harm to self or others is made, confidentiality would be breached in line with safeguarding protocols.

This project has been approved under the procedures of the University of Roehampton’s Ethics Committee. I would be happy to offer more information if required.

Yours Sincerely,
Jaspreet Tehara (counselling psychology doctoral candidate)
University of Roehampton